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Support Our Visual & Performing Arts Program

Support Our Visual & Performing Arts Program

PIECES is a young not for profit visual & performing arts organization that serves young adults, ages 18 through 24. We have been working with young artists in our community, since our birth, a little over one year ago.
What we do is nurture individual artistic talents and help young artists discover new ones by providing the tools, support and education. We work towards helping our members acquire skills that can become professions and businesses in art related fields.
An organization like PIECES is needed as young adults are no longer eligible for similar programming after the age of 18. We also know that many are often still in need of guidance in life, as well as easily available opportunities to explore and grow artistically.
Take a glance at our web pages to see what we are up to! Look at what our amazing artists are already accomplishing!
As a young organization that has just recently received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, we are in need of funding. Since it’s start, PIECES founder and co-founder Lalo Marquez and Monica Moreno have been personally funding and running PIECES programs. It is now important that PIECES receives the public’s assistance.
How Your Contributions Will Help:

This particular Indiegogo fundraiser is designed to help us raise the amount needed to pay for the space we need in order to keep our music, creative writing, visual arts and recording arts programs running. The $6000 will help us stay at this location for one year.
Other Ways You Can Help:
Help spread the word! Share our Official Website. LIKE and share our Facebook page. Share our Indiegogo campaigns.
Make an in-kind donation! Computers, paints, canvasses, musical instruments, audio recording tools and equipment, dance class supplies (flooring and barres), ect.
Become a volunteer! Teach an art related class, resume’ writing and interviewing skills. Assist us in reaching potential donors and organizing events.
Provide a space! Host an open mic, art show, fundraiser or dance concert at your location. Provide your space on a regular basis for one of our art programs.
Provide professional help! Provide legal advice and services. Provide bookkeping and accounting advice. Share marketing or fundraising strategies. Assist in writing grants.
Our artists and founders thank you in advance from the bottom of their hearts for your help. And in advance, we love you to PIECES!

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