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Johanna Ferguson

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Designer : Johanna Ferguson

knows two things very well: tech and fashion. She has been designing jewelry for eight years, and for several years retailed jewelry for other designers including DANNIJO, Elizabeth & James, Giles & Brother & CC SKYE. Johanna has worked at Google for twelve years, working with many large tech clients, which made for a natural marriage of the two genres. When the Apple® Watch launched in early 2015 Johanna quickly purchased one, but was dismayed by the band, which didn’t coordinate well with daytime apparel and was unacceptable for evening wear. Her new Apple® watchband did not layer well with her bracelets either. This fashion frustration quickly lead to a fashion inspiration, and within months Johanna had designs and CADs completed and XISTWEARwas born! please



The Interview:

Q: Tell us who is “Johanna Ferguson” Where did it all start?

A: It’s a little bit of journey but i think that basically what life is  we all get to have our own story, For XISTWEAR  I’ve always loved jewelry from a very young age, My mom did, my sister did. it was always one of those kinds of things to where i had to many rings on I wore two watches , I had a arm full of bracelets rather they were jelly or not i just gravitated towards that. And that is where my artistic side was. 12 years ago i started my full time job at google and that’s where my love for tech come as well. XISTWEAR kinda marries the two together  and even before XISTWEAR between 2007 & 2010 , This is V2  we had a V1 Version 1 was Riley and Mo ” Which was an online Jewelry Boutique that i ran and it was just online at that time i was thinking i know how to market online, i love jewelry like why dont’t i create my own boutique and really curate ,and be able to showcase emerging  designer’s, established one’s that’s up and coming and i marketed everything things like Google Ad and social media as well. I represented 35 different designer’s at the time and learned alot like how does a line sheet work, how does the designer work, How does showrooms work,  how does shipping and fulfillment. That shut down around 2010 and was tough because i started  during that recession we try to forget. At the end of the day i still knew i had it in me that’s what my passion was so for a couple of years i went back to the drawing board and i was like maybe i want to design something. So i decided to start designing bracelets, I found it a  little difficult to get it produced here in the US and last winter around December, when the Tech watches really started booming i had an Android one, and early this year apple started to get all the press for Apple watch and i was like i love these and i believe technology i believe wearable are the future, and we seen it grow over the years i use mine all the time  i just saw the need to make them look like something that i wanted to wear. This is Big an Bulky it has a sport band , it just doesn’t go with my jewelry so i had conversations along the way with some android folks and really it was up to third parties to be able to create more fashionable bands i ended up going with the Apple one because i saw how the sales were going to be doing they sold 1 million units on their first day so i was like I’m going to go that direction and start android out on the second run. But again i really just wanted something that someone like me or people that are fashion forward to feel they had an option to dress up their wearables that way they can wear it all day from work to evening cocktail , evening wear, might be yoga so that’s where it all came from and i look forward to expanding from here.

XISTWEAR wristband

XISTWEAR wristband


Q: you mentioned your inspiration could you give us an example  the time you were inspired to start XISTWEAR ?

A: Its was back in December , I’m was explaining how i was trying to make bracelets on my own to get them manufactured draw them and design them and once i got the android watch as a gift, I loved the functionality and i wanted to wear it but i just felt it didn’t go with everything that I had, and having conversations with friends and some other people i work with , One day I was catching up with a friend over coffee and was like you know what I’m just going to make my own and I’m trying to make bracelets right now why can’t i make fashionable bands, I actually think of  them more as bracelets the are attached to the watch.We have coordinated bracelets with them  so it was just one of those things that was like building up inside me where i was trying to find that angle and it was like brain storming with friends and constantly thinking of it in the back of my mind like “Sometimes you have the best ideas when your drying your hair”. It’s like how do i change direction and make this a jewelry line/ for wearables and start really hitting the pavement from that.


Assorted Colors

Q: Who is your Favorite designer?

A: I have a few in different categories for bags and shoes , I would  say TOM FORD, for clothing i like to keep things kinda more basic,  like to dress up my accessories some of my favorite designer’s i like to wear right now is FLAME DENIM, EURO those are probably of my two favorite brands. For shoes, FENDI has been making some really great boots lately i try not to over do anything i like to get some really nice pieces and rotate them.


His & Her’s

Q: If you can see any celebrity in your Brand who would it be?

A: Thats one thing we are working on Karlie Koss,” Code for Carlie” she’s a big apple fan that’s one celebrity that i really see it on, or someone like Pharell someone that loves tech, fashion and music, Those are my Top two.

Q: What was the most challenging process creating XISTWEAR ?

A:Their’s definitely been challenges along they way the, of the biggest is staying patient and knowing that things will unravel because wen the watch came out there’s been mix press about it but  and the iPhone didn’t blow it out the water day one look at them now and look at where technology has progressed i think my product and Fashion product is dependent on where the wearable market goes or where the Apple watch goes, but i believe in it and i seen it go up & up i think it’s going to be so hot for the Holiday’s and when the watch 2 comes out next year i think it will be less dependent on the phone which is great the market will be very diverse it’s not just Apple watch their are other player’s out there of course”Android being one of them so it’s just the beginning for tech wearable for me in that position i want it to take off and hit it out of the park but I have to be patient. but another challenge would be alone get same line when your trying to get into stores, or trying to get a certain PR it’s like keep trying and of course you don’t want to hound anybody but you have to really have the finesse of the right communication and the right pitch and if you have  the right product at the right tim it will come around.

Q: Where Can we find XISTWEAR?

A:you can find us on http://www.XISTWEAR.COM  we have our first online boutique and the future we see we are placed in Nordstrom’s or /and Barnes etc.

Q: What can we expect from XISTWEAR in the near future?

A: this is just What you see once you go to my site wit and get out the market and be first to market and start with something to be really quality like stretch easy to wear their beautiful they allow for all functionality and coordinating bracelets so next i want to do have it sketched out something more like a cuff so instead of having a stretch elastic band image a cuff that might be solid silver, or you can mix one side silver the other gold coordinating bracelets that might go with that. Rings or earrings to have a build out complete accessory line, and down the road it feels like successful brands just keeps expanding one of my other passions is yoga, so what about active wear ,that can be the next departure I’m not sure but that’s what’s so excited.

Social Media

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