Exclusive Interview with “Beth Radzin Swanson” Designer of “@PHOMAZfashion” HandBag


Designer: Beth Radizin Swanson


PHOMAZ (pronounced foam as) is a handbag company created by fashion designer Beth Radzin Swanson, a native of Chicago, Illinois. Her eye-catching/acoustic foam tote bags are greatly valued because it stands out in a crowded room that’s filled with many different competitive brands of handbags.

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Always, having a love of fashion and music, Beth wanted to create something truly original. “Fashion has always been a way to express myself and stand out from the rest.If I’m going to an event, and know most of the women will be wearing black, I want to be the only one in purple.”

Beth sought out branding guru, Jay Leopardi. Using acoustic foam, found on the walls of a recording studio, they developed the prototype for the original Rad Tote design. A year and several working samples later, the bag was perfected. Shortly after that, Beth has designed and added the Rad Mini to the collection. Miss_USSR_large
The uniqueness of Phomaz bags has already been noticed by major fashion experts. Zip Zone France invited Phomaz to attend their show at The Louvre during Paris Fashion Week. Synergy Events invited Phomaz to debut simultaneously at Boston Fashion Week.
Using foam as a handbag textile, creating multiple limited editions, you will be assured you own a unique, fashion forward, special handbag made with love in Chicago, IL.


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Q: So Beth  tell our audience a lil bit about yourself

A: this is all pretty new me, I actually spent the last 20+ year’s in marketing , advertising and printing and on the internet. Fashion is something that kinda took me by storm. Unfortunately , i went thru some pretty major life changing events I lost my parents and i just need to change my life in a major drastic way to get my happy back. I had some ideals that involved FOAM some of the material is made from FOAM, I’ve always had a love for music and Fashion These handbags were a way too bring the two together.

Q: What inspired you to create PHOMAZ

A: Really the inspiration came from al  love of music and Fashion . I originally had in something else  that involved FOAM and it caused me too seek out a branding friend of mine “Jay Leopardi ” We got together jay was in Fashion and Music and had the back ground in all of it. The FOAM that i use is Acoustic FOAM that you find on the wall of a Recording Studio and just from getting creative with each other brainstorming we came up with ideal with the hand bag. We collaborated on the first design I have two designs right now, he and i got together on the first Prototype . I spent about a year and a year in a half , Now I have a local manufacture in Chicago so everything is made local and got together and probably went with 10-12 samples until i came up with the one that i really love and thats my casual bag. most recently i was found on Instagram with my first bag and that got me invited to show my bags GOLD PARIS for Boston in Fashion Week. I just got back from “France”, They wanted to see a couple other designs it was crazy . I seen so much crazy fashion that it would blow your mind, i came up with a second design the more of a date Evening Bag i Have 2 designs currently . The plan is to keep going and to create.unnamed-4

Q: What kind of a reaction do you get from potential Clients?

A: Crazy, i get a lot of crazy looks and a lot of people like “Could i touch that”people don’t know what it is until they get their hands on it. I just constantly have reactions from people going ” I’ve never seen anything like that ” , What is that”, “where do i get one”. People just don’t know that FOAM can look like this, and you can do FOAM in every color of the Rainbow in any design  imagine you can make it. People are blown when they first see, they are a lil shocked they just want to touch right away.

Q: If You had an High Fashion Magazine you can see your Bag in, Which would it be?

A: It’s so funny obviously their are those that dictate fashion in general, Like the VOUGUE and ELLE and stuff like that out there. But i really like the alternative stuff i mean  i like anything that doesn’t kinda take it to seriously. I recently did an editorial in a Magazine called “DOLLHOUSE” it was a really cool alternative magazine for an Halloween Spread. It can really fit with anything, anyone’s personality really anything that your wearing. I like that it’s out There and it’s different and not Mainstream.

Q: Where can our audience find FOAM

A: So the FOAM it’s self i work with a manufacture, i have two manufactures in Chicago “Lonnel Gold” who owns Adam FOAMs he helps me come up with designs ,  Im really over social media Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. I can’t say it enough that’s where i placed some Samples and got invited to PARIS I’m just trying to get myself out there in every social media aspect as i can. I have my website , people see it . People don’t even realize that this is something that could be involved in fashion. I think that is the best part! is that people are just use to seeing it in the lining of boxes or lining of studio walls or whatever, i want to get it out there. I want PHOMAZ to be apart of Fashion , and i want it to be something thats more playful not too serious just really PHOMAZ

Q: What was one of the biggest challenge?

A: In creating PHOMAZ this biggest challenge, which i got to say i was the most fun i think just the whole process because nobody ever used this material. i needed to make sure that i created Product that would be Sustainable. I did’t want people buying my bag and they fall apart i wanted and definitely needed to make a good quality product. Because people have never used this material in this way ,if their were a lot of  trial and error at all. I went through 10 working samples until we really figured  out the best Glue to use, the best way to sew it, the best way to make sure that it wouldn’t come apart from the bag the design of the bag the design of the bag. what can we do to make sure it is a good quality product. It was frustrating but it was actually fun too you make one sample , and figure out ways to improve on it. Once we got through it 10 working samples. now I’m confident that i have a really great Product


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