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Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook(@Russwest44) stars in a new (HERO) commercial with Mountain Dew


OKLAHOMA CITY —Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook stars in a new (HERO) commercial with Mountain Dew.

After Kickstarting His Day with the Latest Black Berry Flavor (Kick-Start) Energy Drink, He Turn’s into a Mountain Dew HERO! Russell and his Super Buddies Takes off through the city Busting Through whatever stands i there Way ! They Head straight into a Night Club! It’s A Really Great Commercial!! Im Convinced if Mountain Dew Kick Start Could give me Super Hero Strength Count Me IN!! I have a Few WALLS i need to BUST DOWN!!!


In Addition to the MOUNTAIN DEW “KICK START CAMPAIGN !! Russell X NATUREL  collaborated together and came up with the Concept for This Limited Edition Feat Russell WestBrook



This Is Dope!! Styling Mountain Dew Cans!! Limited Edition! ! @russwest44 @mountaindew @naturel Had a Blast being apart of History! ! BTS With Gianni Cj Valentino . one of the Wardrobe Stylist on Set!

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