Season 5 Marriage BootCamp @wetv

#FASHIONNEWS #STYLENEWS @usweekly premiered June 3rd 2016… Season 5 Marriage BootCamp  Going Up #StyleTeamonDeck @giannivd1610

Check out this Seasons Cast including: @brittishwilliams @lorenzogordon_ @toyawright @therealmemphitz




5. Bad boy Memphitz Wright and wife Toya Wright are married but currently living in separate homes. With all of the secrets these two are holding, Boot Camp might be the last place where they’ll coexist as a married couple under one roof.

4. America’s Next Top Model winner, Lisa D’Amato is carefree and likes to live life on the edge but her husband, Adam Friedman is just the opposite. His doomsday prepping hobby has become an obsession and it’s tearing their marriage apart.

3. Bachelor in Paradise’s Cody Sattler has a penchant for personal training and selfies, but it’s making girlfriend Michelle Money worry that he’s too immature to commit. Will Boot Camp convince her that he’s the one, or will she walk away?

2. In order to save their engagement, Basketball Wives LA’s Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon have to battle out their infidelity issues, without battling each other.

1. She survived Sharknado, but will Hollywood wild-child Tara Reid make it through Boot Camp? She and long-term, on again, off again boyfriend Dean May are at the mansion to find out if they can walk away from their partying lifestyle and commit to each other for good.



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