A-1 Game Entertainment Presents “Our Moment” (Album Stream)

Dope !!

Tha Antidote


Check out the new project from A-1 Game Entertainment called Our Moment.

Straight out of New Iberia, La, 3 cousins make their come up in the music industry. Bryce Vital (ROB DOLLA, Robert Kelegon (BIG B), and Adam Broussard (A.ROYSAY) started making music together through similar interest. Growing up in a family that loves music of all genres, they were introduced at an early age.

Covering songs in front of family young, singing for women in their high school years, to finally performing original works in front of audiences. The love of music was always there.

Adam, the singer, has always had the better vocals and focused more on it than the others. Robert, rapper, was more infatuated with the play of top MC’s so he focused on being a top MC himself and staying true to his roots . Bryce, rapper, has also loved the flow of true lyricists…

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