@Giannivd1610 @Book_Ajani DIRECTORS of “PRODIGII SOURCE ONE”

“Gianni Valentino” born in California met Business Partner “Ajani Negasi” who was raised in Georgia back in 2015. Both having superior resumes, working with and introducing clients to specific consumers in the field of Fashion & Music they instantly sought out to combine their businesses, resources, and client lists to Enhance each others reach. Having work with Stores and Companies from the East Coast to the West Coast, Nigeria, Amsterdam, Dubai, etc., this duo has established “PRODIGII SOURCE ONE” as one of the Premier Entertainment Consultanting Companies based from California. Having promoted with “XXL”, Lapalme Magazine(32 countries), and Pure-Dope Magazine thus far, is just a few names on their media list. Styling high-in clients, Image Designing for Brands and Artists, Fashion-Music Production/Distribution, Public Relations, Event Planning, offering Photography services, and Booking Clients for Appearances and Performances makes “PRODIGII SOURCE ONE” a well-rounded establishment with multiple media outlets that can take a average dream or brand and develop it to become a Profitable but yet well branded Company.14632990_1282455048439779_59079731940495523_n

For Inquires or Consultations Contact:

Office:          (323) 214-9793

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