“FOUNDER/CEO” of “PRODIGII SOURCE ONE ‘LLC” -Mr. Gianni “CJ” Valentino



                    Gianni Cj Valentino is a 29 year old Founder and CEO of “Prodigii Source One ‘LLC”. Gianni first approached the industry by styling celebrity clients in high profile tv shows, magazines, books, commercials and Movies. He was born and raised in Watts, California and went to Locke High School. Being the oddest Son of a Single Mother Home, always gave Gianni a sense of urgency and discipline in order to properly focus on building a brighter future for his siblings and generations to come. He specializes in the fields of Event Production & Advertisement, Public Relations, Fashion/Music Distribution, Image Designing, Marketing, and Photography. Having opened up Stores and Showrooms from Downtown Los Angeles to Melrose Ave, Gianni has built the necessary relationships it takes to effectively produce and distribute any Fashion Line no matter the Genre. Mr. Valentino has been the direct link between brands/designers to actual consumers and even celebrity brand ambassadors along the west Coast. “XXL”, Lapalme Magazine, Vibe, The Source Magazine, Days of Our Life’s, “Russell’s Westbrook’s Mountain Dew Commercial”, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, is just a few of the Resources and previous experience that Gianni has been involved with. It was 2016 when Gianni realized that he should implement “Music Distribution and Promotion” into his company’s provided services. His main reason being that Artist today are left with the hassel to handle the beginning stages of build a music career themselves, but dont know the first step to begin. “Mr. Valentino” has properly released and published more then 50 songs through music distributors like, iTunes, tidal, google play, amazon, etc. Representing Designers, Artist, Brands, Business Owners, Authors, Actors, and Venues makes Gianni a Go-To Publicists in Los Angeles, California. His “PRODIGII SOURCE ONE ‘LLC” company over the past year has expanded to all regions of the United States, Nigeria, Amsterdam, Dubai, and over 32 other Countires. 

                                                           UPCOMING EVENTS:

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