We are Americas Largest Black-Owned Bank. We’re moving to help develop urban communities across the Nation, to raise Financial Literacy within our communities, and to build Black Economic Power.


on Saturday, June 17th 2017  another great accomplishment for the minorities in the “USA” was celebrated. A celebration that gathered the city’s influentials, Black Lives Matter Advocates, and Local Business Owners to highlight “ONE UNITED BANK” and the Ideal of Expansion.   “PRODIGII SOURCE ONE’s” very own “Gianni Valentino” and “Ajani Negasi” was there first hand to cover this monumental moment. Meeting the “Publicists” for the Banks Miami Branch, Trayvon Martin’s mother(Black Lives Matter Advocate), and Not to Mention The Banks CEO as well really gave us a insight on how important building the urban community is to this organization.   The Event was really one to remember and left a statement on my soul as a young black business owner, who now believes that their is no limits and should be no boundaries when it comes to Business Expansion, Money Management, and Buying/Supporting Black Businesses. We all were able to enjoy testimonies and learn strategies from Industry Professionals while partaking in a Networking Party like environment enjoying very delicious and decorative catering and drinks. Crab Legs, Gumbo Samplers, Shrimp Sliders, Chicken & Waffles, Top Shelf Alcohol, and White Chocolate covered; Strawberry’s, pretzels, and Cake Pops gave the event a High End Feel with a Sensational Urban Experience.  The Staff from Bartenders to Servers were very professional and definitely enjoyed executing their job. To see so much Support and Greatness in one room is forever motivating and inspiring. I actually want to Thank the Public Relations Company for giving us the opportunity to be apart of such a Awesome Event. “ONE UNITED BANK” is definitely The Bank to Bank with, rather personal or Business purposes. This is a Black Owned Business thats not only Expanding, but doing it Gracefully, while bringing light to the much needed issues around the World. PLEASE SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES BY OPENING AN ACCOUNT WITH “ONE UNITED BANK”




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